Permission to Speak

Do you believe in signs? Symbols? Things that line up in a short period of time...? Some things (such as messages, actions or events) which show that something else exists, is true, or will happen?

I certainly do. Long story short...many years ago, when I went searching for a teacher of yoga, it was made pretty clear to me through a series of signs as to who it would be. So, since that time, I have been a believer.

When thinking about our blurb this month, another series of signs have been lining up....having to do with vocal communication. I like to think that I’m a pretty good listener. And listening I have been doing over the past little while. Really listening. I’ve become hyper-aware that people have different ways of speaking. Men, as a whole, tend to use less words, seem more self-assured, and resonate at a deeper tone. Of course, the tone is largely due to the anatomical make-up of vocal chords, and associated mechanics. But, there is a certain level of confidence that comes through with a male voice.

Women, on the other hand, tend to speak at a higher frequency with waaay more words than males, and are more prone to problems associated with the throat chakra. As little girls, often we were told to sit still, look pretty and be quiet. And so, we did. And some of us became VERY quiet...and those that went the other way were said to be bossy. Cheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook says “I want every little girl who is told she is bossy to be told she has leadership skills!” How’s that for an about face? Like what we are saying needs approval. Further, there is a growing trend for adult women to sound like little girls.....squeaky, tentative, unsure. What is that all about, I wonder?

So all this has got me thinking. The throat chakra Visshudha - is very closely aligned with communication. The fifth chakra ....the bridge between the heart and the mind. As Anodea Judith so succinctly writes:

“Communication is the essential function of the fifth chakra. As self-expression, it is a gateway between the inner world and the outer. Only through self-expression does the outer world get to know what’s inside of us. We only know what’s inside someone else when they choose to tell us.”

In our study of the chakra system as a whole, we learn that the second chakra Svadisthana is the vibrating energy wheel that is essentially thereceptacle of the external world - the world outside us. We begin to know this world through this chakra through our senses ....touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight. a sense, we let the outside world in......into the second chakra. Our belief systems begin to form. Now, at the fifth chakra we let the world inside of us out! We let the world know about us! The two chakras are often linked, so that problems in one will often be reflected in the other.

Anodea Judith again...”Contraction in the body (chakra one) restricts the voice. Lack of feeling (chakra two) makes the voice seem mechanical. Too little will (chakra three) makes the voice sound pinched and whiny, whereas third chakra excess makes the voice dominating/ the healthy voice also requires breath (chakra four) If the breath is constricted or uneven, the voice will not be full.”

Have you ever heard something and got all choked up? Have you ever been so upset that you cannot speak? Have you ever felt like you have something stuck in your throat when there is nothing there at all? Have trouble swallowing? Often get a sore throat? Thyroid problems? Do you suffer from neck or shoulder problems?

Judith goes on to say “There are also many voices within us. There is the voice that tells us we are no good, the voice that wants above all to be heard, the voice that only whispers silently in the quiet moments we spend alone.” Inner dialog between the various parts of ourselves helps us become more integrate. And integration brings about resonance of voice.

The sign of a healthy fifth chakra one that is connected with both mind and body is a resonant and rhythmic voice that speaks truthfully, clearly and concisely. Conversation with others is balanced, and with a true ability to listen and respond.”

The practice of Brahmari is most helpful in normalizing the vibrations of the throat chakra as well as quieting a busy mind. Read more about this at -

So, listen well, Yogis. Practice taking more time to listen rather than forming a response to whatever the other person is saying so that you can see and sense through your ears as to what is really being said.