Sanskrit – Santosha - Contentment

In our meditation practice, we sometimes choose the practice of Being OK with Not Being OK. In Sanskrit, this is the practice of Santosha. Of being all right, in spite of the fact that not everything in our lives is perfect.

So, what does this practice involve? What does it do? What is the benefit of practicing Being OK with Not Being OK?

Of course, to begin any meditation practice, the needs of the body must be considered. Aligning the body just so, so that we are as comfortable as is now possible.

Getting Quiet. Being Still. Is the next stage. At this point it is suggested that there be one-pointed direction to something...body scan, breath,

visualization.....many ways oto concentrate the focus of the busy mind so that we can enter what is called the No Conflict Zone. And this is probably good for about 30 seconds, if we are lucky!

Then, the mind starts to churn. It is as if there is a wild horse inside the brain, bucking and kicking, in a desperate attempt to take the mind off what it is suggested that it do.

Often, it is suggested that the mind be re-directed back to it’s one-pointed focus. And so we practice...again and again and again.

At times, this becomes impossible.....particularly in times when there is conflict in our lives. Conflict comes in many forms. Some physical – when we experience pain, and things are not working as they are supposed to. We experience emotional conflict in our relationships with others, and with ourselves. Somehow things are just not what they ‘should be.’

How SHOULD things be? Perfect all the time?

Absolutely No Conflict Every Day? Every Hour? Every Minute? Well, we know as adult spirits currently living in a human body and having relationships that this is simply not possible.

So, how DO we come to being OK with Not Being OK?

The first step on the ladder is to Identify the conflict. Whether it be in the body, in the mind, in our hearts – the centre of our emotional self. Simply Being AWARE.

The next step along the journey is to practice ACKNOWLEDGING. Know that the conflict is there. It exists. Try not to turn away. It IS.

The third step is to practice ACCEPTING. This is the tough part. This is the part where the mind will turn itself inside out to try to figure things out to keep you OK. That’s the mind’s job. Your mind is pre-programmed to keep you OK throughout your entire life. The job of the mind is to NOT BE OK when things go out of whack!

Notice how the mind churns and runs its programs......all in an attempt to CHANGE THINGS.

THIS is the hard part. To turn away from the churning and the whirring, and to simply WATCH the mind do its thing. Searching for an answer. The mind will not be able to find an answer because it only knows what it already knows. And if it could change things, it already would have.

So we turn away. Relax physically. Relax mentally. Pull the plug on the computer/mind. And just let everything be. Just like the song...LET IT BE.

Know that life continues to evolve. Continues to change. Nothing will be exactly the same in the next minute as it is in this minute. SOMETHING IS ALWAYS HAPPENING.

When we are aware, in a state of acknowledgement, and accepting of everything as it is...THIS IS WHAT BRINGS US A MEASURE OF PEACE. This is the no-conflict zone. Allow the time to pass ... This second, the next second, and the next...and so on. Things are changing. Resist no more. LET IT BE.