What to write? What to write? Which rabbit hole to go down into this merry month of June?! At this time, it has just rained heavily. I am watching the spiders on our deck as they hastily repair their abodes. They are artists and jewelers in the extreme. And speaking of rabbit holes, I've never seen a rabbit hole that wasn't enhanced by a few spidery webs. Strange little creatures they are, spiders! Spinning, spinning.....Casting nets for prey. Industrious wee fiy catchers. Well, some are wee, some not so much. And some are quite harmless and others not so.

Much has been made of spiders throughout history. Horror shows are particularly abundant with creepy crawlies and their dust-laden creations. Anyway, I had not meant to write about spiders as I am quite frightened by them (for some obscure reason), but they seem to have popped here in stream-of-unconsciousness writing!

The topic that I mean to visit is Webs. Webs are brilliant, silken works of art, especially when on display in the early morning dew. Splendid! Did one little creature create all that?! And, if you are still and quiet, and watch carefully, you will notice that every little breeze or any tiny movement of a 'catch' within the web will cause the web to move, to sway, to yield. Every action causing a reaction.

OF course, that is not the only kind of web that exists. There is the World Wide Web -- which is a very new creation in terms of the history of our world, allowing two legged creatures to connect with each other over the ether! Magic!

Webs, too, exist between certain creatures' toes and fingers, enabling them to fly, or to swim. Or just to exhibit big hands or feet to impress!

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” Sir Walter Scott’s awesome poems! Importantly, and the last web, is the one that we ourselves weave over our lifetime.

And this, from the Hindu Yogic tradition, a story of Indra's Magnificent Jeweled Web or Net....http://www.uua.org/re/tapestry/youth/bridges/workshop7/184181.shtml

“Far, far away, in the abode of the great god Indra, king of heaven, hangs a wondrous vast net, much like a spider's web in intricacy and loveliness. It stretches out indefinitely in all directions. At each node, or crossing point, of the net hangs a single glittering jewel. Since the net itself is infinite in dimension, the jewels are infinite in number. The sparkling jewels hang there, suspended in and supported by the net, glittering like stars, dazzling to behold.”

The story goes on to say to imagine yourself as the centre of the web, and then to picture yourself being at the very centre of the web. Then visualize a .......silken structure connecting everyone that has ever been in your life....your parents, your siblings, your aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents and colleagues and school mates and kids and friends and acquaintances, your doctor, your dentist, your butcher, your baker, your candlestick maker, and so on. Quite the gigantic web you have woven! Now, if every person on the planet were to do this little visualization exercise, we would soon have imaginary webs or nets that overlap in many ways, creating one giant web!

Physicists tell us that for every action there is a reaction. If we take this mathematical fact for truth, then imagine how one action could affect EVERYONE within the web. A change in one jewel – one person – produces a change, however slght, in every other. And, depending on whether or not the action were a positive one, or not so much, imagine the outcome! Whatever you do to one jewel affects the entire net, as well as yourself. You cannot damage one strand of a spider web without injuring the entire web, and you cannot damage one strand of the web that is the universe without injuring all others in it, whether that injury is known or unknown to them. This can work for good or ill because, of course, just as destructive acts affect the entire net, so do loving, constructive, compassionate acts affect the entire net. A single helpful act—even a simple act of kindness—will send positive ripples across the infinite net, touching every jewel, every person in existence.

Truly as the Indra’s story goes, All is One and One is All.