Where are you going?

We are dying a little bit every day. Not DYEING....but, DYING! Like passing out of existence. Wow. From the instant we are born, we begin to die. Well, at least the body disintegrates, but what happens to Spirit when the body gives up the ghost?!

The scientists tell us that energy cannot be destroyed.... so, ok, the body disintegrates and blends back into the universe. Decay or fire. But Spirit? Spirit is definitely energy, although one cannot see it. Yet, we surely can FEEL it! And Spirit – our Universal Life Force – is what drives us through our lives. So if Spirit cannot be destroyed, what
happens to Spirit? Where does it go when it leaves the body?

Spiritual research and ancient Yoga writings have shown that man is comprised of the following five basic bodies.

Physical (The body itself), Vital Body (Breath/Energy), Mental (Mind), Causal or Intellectual (Intelligence – decision making process and reasoning ability). And Supracausal or subtle ego (The feeling that we are alone.)

Now, before you stop reading, take a deep breath, and just let the following bit of information in. No judgment. No thinking. You don’t need to do anything with the information. Just let it in. Maybe even look at the diagram…………

Well. There are many theories about this matter. But anyhow we look at it, there seems to be a place for each of us either Above or Below, however you want to think of it. As indicated above, our destination seems to depend on whether we have been bad or good, to put it plainly!

Hmmm. Bad or good. Good or bad. How many of us reflect on our past or our present actions to assess whether or not these same actions/thoughts serve ourselves or others? Brings to mind that 1986 Janet Jackson song...’What have you done for me lately?’ So, turn that around, and we have ‘What you I done for you lately?’

Merit points, at the Dalai Lama points out in his quote ..... “When we feel love and kindness toward others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace” ..... get you upstairs. And along the way, whoever it is that is the receiver of your words and actions is buoyed up! All of us are suffering in some way – we carry heavy loads. Let us bring more compassion and kindness into our lives....and less ‘I---ness.’

Kindness? Kindness is a personal quality that enables us to be sensitive to the needs of others and to take personal action to endeavor to meet those needs. These are the teachings written by Patañjali – the yogic sage who wrote The Yoga S?tras --- the ancient texts --- the philosophy underpinning yoga.

Joshua Michaell – a teacher of yogic philosophy --- quotes a Buddhist monk who he consulted while studying the S?tras ..... “The thing to remember” he said, “is that Patañjali was motivated out of kindness.” In Joshua Michaell’s bautiful words ‘With that simple, deep, profound truth, a light turned on inside me and the Yoga S?tras finally made sense. Beyond grammar and philosophy, the text was an offering — a garland of wisdom by a man who saw suffering. Out of kindness, and through the Yoga S?tras, he offered a way to freedom.

People come to yoga because, on some level, they are suffering – same for teachers. We are no different. As teachers, it is essential that we recognize and acknowledge the nature of suffering, both in our students and in ourselves. Kindness opens the door. Transformation is never in the information, it is in the mystical alchemy where the heart that beats within the information meets the heart of the seeker.”

Lovely, lovely words. So, liberation – while here on our Earthly plane, is found through kindness. And perhaps through kindness we may find the same Liberation in the here---after.

Many thanks to https://mahaprana.wordpress.com/ and tohttp://www.spiritualresearchfoundation.org