Current Affairs: Doom & Gloom or Opportunity?

Current Affairs

Oh, economic Woes! Over the last couple of decades – due to a variety of reasons - we have seen an unbelievable collapse of the nuclear family as we once knew it, and an unhealthy trend toward a more isolated, me-oriented society. The media and big business have exhorted us to spend all that we have, and more....way more. The children of the last decade in particular, are not being allowed to be ‘just kids’…but are being exploited by mass advertising campaigns, and in many cases, are growing up way too soon…and without the moral, cultural and financial values that our older generations have learned….and earned.

The current economic times being what they are, offer an excellent opportunity to practice connecting back to the family and friends to find gratification in the smaller things of life. There are many lessons to be learned.

Of interest, in our own teaching community, the family of one of our teachers has given up their second car. Interestingly, the family is finding that they are spending more time talking to each other, and being aware of what other members of the family are doing. Basically, they are arranging for rides to and from places, and being there for each other.

A second teacher’s family has down-sized their home – opting for a smaller home which is financially easier – and has brought everyone in their family closer together.

Perhaps this current downtrend in the economy is, in reality, a wake-up call. A reminder to be content with what we already have – and a golden opportunity to practice gratefulness..and then to notice how we feel when we practice being grateful.

Have you ever really thought about why it is that Yoga is so popular now? Why are so many people coming together to practice Yoga? It’s an easy thing to learn at home...once you’ve read a couple of books or viewed a video or two, you are good to go! So, why then, come to a group Yoga Class?

I sense that the #1 reason why people are gathering to practice Yoga is that they enjoy practicing in the company of others. Have you ever FELT the energy in a Vinyasa Flow class when everyone is breathing and moving in sync? Wow! There’s a special kind of magic at work! Like an energetic force field. You may never acknowledge the person on the next mat, yet you’ve made a connection. Add to that, of course, that Yoga teachers can add dimension and depth to your practice....that you might not have realized on your own.

The next time you attend a class at the studio, why not take a moment to be grateful for the way that the other people in the room enhance the experience of your practice.

By Maureen Rae, E-RYT