My Rant: HST

The usual yoga philosophy blurb that appears in this space has been postponed till June!

Of immediate importance, I am going to take this opportunity to draw myself up to my full height of 5’, 4” (have no idea what this is in metric measurement), jump on my tiny soapbox, and rant about the upcoming new Ontario tax grab called the Harmonized Sales Tax. 

On July 1, the new HST will become law in Ontario. What this means is that almost every little thing will now be subject to a 13% tax. This is a HUGE increase over the previous 5% GST which has been effect on most sales. The new HST tax will now be applicable to fitness, health and yoga studios. Premier McGuinty has – once again – pulled ‘a fast one’ on the unsuspecting tax payers of Ontario…..….and we – good, non-questioning, acquiescent Canadians that we are, have neglected to stand up and be heard. 

Not only will basic amenities such as gas and hydro costs rise, but those of us who take our health and mental balance seriously, are going to be penalized for doing so. The HST will now apply to all yoga studios and health clubs.

Premier McGuinty recently back-tracked extremely quickly on his new proposal for sex education in schools - mainly due to the huge public outcry. Why have we Ontarians not made a lot of noise about this new tax? Where we were paying only 5% GST previously, there will be an 8% additional tax added, and further, fully 17% of the purchases that we now do not pay taxes on are going to be taxed….

It is not too late to have this tax repealed. But everyone needs to be heard!!! Please visit the following link to sign the petition, and to learn more about this most unfair tax grab.

by Maureen Rae, RN, E-RYT