Flashback to 1998 ……The word "Yoga" begins to surface! Madonna and Sting were doing it….clothing companies were jumping on the yogic bandwagon…cosmetic corporation pushed rejuvenating creams and potions with models in yoga poses…but, in truth, most people had no idea what yoga was all about! Images of people sitting round in a circle, holding hands and muttering incantations. Was it religious? What it acrobatic? What exactly was Yoga, anyway?

That was 10 years ago - and now Yoga is everywhere! Yoga has been around for 5,000 years. In recent memory, it resurfaced in the late 50's and again in the 70's enjoying moderate popularity at those times. But why is Yoga so pervasive NOW?

It would seem that a convergence of events is the reason for the Yoga resurgence. The aging – and educated - population of North America
understands that something must be done to get fit and /or keep fit. And, further, the people of this generation acknowledge the aging process…many years of sports, or hi and lo impact have left injuries to skeleton and muscles.

Added to this is our sped-up society… "Hurried Woman Syndrome" is now an official medical term to describe many women of our society - those of us that try to be all things to all people - and all at the same time - with NO time to relax, unwind and breathe.

Yoga is a system of learning to be present more of the time – a system of self-discovery. Physical benefits are many – longer, leaner, toned and trim. The mind is clear and focused. You begin to FEEL YOU when you practice.

Hard to believe that something that feels so good can BE so good (not only for Body but for Mind, and for Self!

Maureen Rae, Reg. N., R.Y.T.