Health, Love, and Peace to All in 2017 and beyond!

I know, I know! That old cliché! Out with the Old, In with the New. And with the New Year comes New Beginnings!...AND ALL THAT….

But really! We have four new classes on our class schedule! And a bunch of very exciting workshops! AND…a BRAND NEW WEBSITE! It’s going to take up to 72 hours, I am told, for the Universe to switch from the old to the new site, so I am working on my patience muscle instead of waiting. Be sure to check it out at

Oh, and if you are looking for an awesome website and graphic designer, that would be my daughter, Shauna Rae!

There. I said it! New Beginnings! Speaking of Beginnings…

Now, most of you will not remember Jimmy Durante…great star! Comedian, Songwriter, Actor…and of course Louis ‘Satchmo’ Armstrong…But for the ‘old-timers’ among us…have a look…and sing along!!!