Perfectionism...and me, and you, and everyone!

The other day as I was making my bed in the morning, and of course, seeking to rid the puffy duvet of ALL the wrinkles, I suddenly had the most insistent, repeated message (more felt than heard) that what I was caught up in doing was an attempt at Perfectionism, which as every good yogi knows is a state of being that is impossible to attain. (More on that below!) How fun was that insight?!  

Perfect. Flawless. Without wrinkles. By Jove, what a complete and utter waste of time!

One of the Sanskrit words for Perfectionism (there are many!) is purna, which is usually translated as fullness or wholeness. A feeling, more or less, that everything is alright. A 'zone' if you like, that for sure, cannot be maintained for long before life jumps right up and taps you on the shoulder (or elsewhere.)  A zone like no other. Where everything that is seen and felt is like a field of fullness and joy!