Only by Letting Go Can You Be Truly Free

If you’re having trouble letting go of negativity and embracing your future, you’re invited to experience the positive effects of yoga. Yoga can help you learn to let go of negativity through regular yoga practice, and by repeating a mantra, called a Japa, to help you to focus your mind and create positive mental patterns.

Repeating a mantra has always been an important aspect of the tradition of yoga, and one of particular benefit for people living in today’s busy world. Using a mantra during yoga practice allows you to focus your mind in a positive, or even dispassionate, direction, releasing the negative thoughts that often weigh us 

In Buddhism, there is a parable called The Problem with the Raft that describes a man whose journey takes him to a river that he would like to cross. The man painstakingly builds a raft and uses it to cross to the other side, where he then has a dilemma: should he hold on to the raft he worked so hard to create, even though to carry it with him would be a burden? Or should he abandon that raft, and his labour, and move on free and unencumbered?

Can you relate to this parable? Are you paralyzed by the thought of letting go of your past and moving forward to a new, more spiritual future? The Buddha teaches that one must let go of that which no longer serves a purpose, and Japa serves as a mechanism to complete the process of letting go.

Experience the benefits of regular yoga practice and explore the spiritual impacts of Japa by letting go of the past and evolving spiritually.

Place yourself in the experienced hands of a qualified yoga instructor and learn to enjoy your life and achieve your goals through inward contemplation.