Radical Self-Honesty

Radical self-honesty ….The joy in Getting Real.


Our suffering arises from the unseen, unfelt, resisted parts of our psyche….pur unconscious. Our past experiences, our parents, our teachers, what we ourselves have witnessed and processed and put away in our minds…these are the stories that cause suffering. New science has also discovered that a ‘collective conscience’….meaning what our parents and grandparents experienced ….is also a part of our DNA make-up………and these stories, too, are part of our current unconscious mind.


The stories (ways of being) that we tell ourselves are part of our unconscious mind. They very often cover up – they bury – ourselves as a way of protection when in actual fact they prevent us from being REAL with others, and more importantly  - with OURSELVES.


We can explore ways we can deepen self-honesty and reconnect to a wholeness of being that enables us to live with spontaneity, confidence, wisdom and love.


There is a freedom that comes with opening. 


When we ask ourselves the deep questions – what is it that we really long for - and when we answer with honesty and truth – the answers come…..we wish we could be with other people, and not have to pretend to anything – to feel real with others – to feel authentic – to feel like OURselves.


So.  let’s imagine – just for a few moments  - to be just as you are – at home in yourself – to be ok with that - .and to feel the JOY that comes with freeing yourself to be YourSelf.


Practice this often.


What is it that opposes Getting Real – Being Honest? We can give it a name…and the name is FEAR. Fear of being judged. Fear of others getting to know the real you as if there is some deep, dark secret for which we are absurdly shamed. There is no joy in shame, no joy in fear. There IS joy in letting the veil of suffering fall away and opening to being the perfection that you truly are.